Remember, once you leave the salon, the responsibility to care for your nails is up to you!  I have done my job in creating a beautiful set of nail enhancements for you, it's now your job to look after them and get the best from them.  Here are some helpful tips:
  • REFILLS - relative to your lifestyle and activity level, your nail enhancements will need refill maintenance every 2 - 3 weeks.  If regular maintenance is not done then your enhancements will grow out and become weaker (due to wear and tear and incorrect structure) and the chance of breaking a nail becomes much higher.
  • LIFTING - if you notice any lifting, do not pick or pull at the lifted area as this will cause lifting to increase and could damage your natural nail.  Please contact me and arrange to come to the salon for the nail to be repaired.  If an enhancement is lifting or damaged and this is ignored, it could lead to a subsequent bacterial infection (green nail mould).
  • CUTICLE OIL - apply a good quality cuticle oil at least once every day to keep your nails looking good and to nourish the natural nail underneath.  Please make sure the cuticle oil (or any hand lotion) you use does not contain mineral oil or lanolin as these are the Number 1 causes of lifting.  Some shampoos and conditioners can contain these ingredients also so check the label carefully.
  • POLISH REMOVER - if you need to remove nail polish from your nail enhancements make sure you use a non-acetone remover as this will not damage your nail enhancement.
  • DON'TS - do not bite, pick at or file at your enhancements as this will cause lifting and damage to your natural nail.  Do not pull backwards against the tips of your nails as this could cause injury or breakage (eg. pulling laundry out of the washing machine). 
    Do not use nail clippers or metal files on your enhancements as this can cause chipping, cracking or shattering of the nail. 
    Do not leave your hands in water for long periods of time without gloves as this can lead to the nail adhesive breaking down which can cause the extension tip to become weak and break.
    Do not do anything which will cause strong or repetitive pressure on your nail enhancement as this can lead to cracks which can, in turn, lead to a full break.
    Do not attempt to repair any lifting or damage to your nail enhancements yourself with glue, band aids or other such methods.  Please contact me and arrange for an appointment for me to repair the damage for you.
    Do not attempt to shorten the length of your nail enhancements between refill maintenance appointments.  If your nails are getting too long, please contact me to make an appointment for me to shorten them for you.
  • GLOVES - wear gloves when washing up, gardening or using household chemicals as exposure to these types of products can cause your nail enhancements to become weak and/or damaged and prone to breakage.
  • ADVERSE REACTIONS -  if any adverse reactions occur - rash, redness, inflammation of any kind around the nails - please contact me immediately.
  • REMOVAL - please do not try to remove your enhancements yourself as this can cause major damage to your natural nails.  If you wish to remove your enhancements, please contact me and come into the salon to have them removed properly and safely.
  • DISCOLOURATION - tinted lotions, suntan creams and some hair products can discolour your enhancements so wash your hands thoroughly after use or use gloves to protect your nails.
  • FLAMMABLE - your nail enhancements are flammable and should be kept away from sources of direct heat and flames.
  • BE CAREFUL - treat your new nails with care until you get used to them.  There are many dangers for unsuspecting nails - car doors, kitchen cabinets, switches, drawers etc.  After a short while you will get used to using your hands in a different way and your nail enhancements will feel as natural as your own nails.
  • REMEMBER - your nail enhancements are jewels not tools.  They were not designed to be used as a screwdriver or can opener!
  • GOLDEN RULE - make sure your nail shape and length match your lifestyle.  Nails that are too long for your activity level will place the stress area of your enhancement under too much pressure which can result in breakage and damage to your natural nail.
  • QUESTIONS - if you have any questions regarding your nail enhancements, please feel free to contact me.